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Immagini chi siamo

Prealpina started its tanning activities in 1969, in the district of “Baeti” in Chiampo where the Baldisserotto brothers, who already had other tanning interests in the Chiampo valley wanted to create a business of their own focussing on quality and craftsmanship. Since the late 1990’s, the next generation, now the owners of Prealpina, have continued to carry on the business with the same passion and philosophy as their Fathers, helping to give continuity to the innovative spirit of the company.

In 2014, with great confidence in the future, Prealpina invested in a new office and tannery in the nearby industrial area. This move to the new tannery, which is equipped with the latest technological systems, was made with the desire and conviction to create a modern Industrial tannery without losing the craftsmanship which is demanded by the prestigious brands with which they work.