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Environmental protection is one of the main objectives that Prealpina is committed to pursuing. We believe that ecology is a key issue of the times we are living in and that the duty of companies is to look for improved ways of processing which will be respectful of the environment and the consumer health. Companies must also ensure a sustainable development that meets our needs as well as those of the future generations. To guarantee this our commitment, Prealpina wanted to certify some products by ICEC, creating the brand GREENTECH for the “wet-white" leather, that is leather produced with a tanning technology without using chrome and heavy metals.


Certificate ICEC n°38
No chrome
Absence of other heavy metals

GREENTECH® leather is produced using a “wet-white” tanning which gives the product a higher grade of purity and does not favour allergies upon contact. This system also makes colors more intense and natural. These characteristics have been tested according to industry standards, international standards and certified by ICEC, the institute of quality certification for the leather industry, in order to offer the maximum guarantee for customers and end users.


Certificate ICEC n°37
Water resistant

Leather with the trademark IDROTECH® is resistant to water and breathable: this to protect and guarantee while still providing maximum comfort. To offer further guarantees, the product has been certified ICEC, the institute of quality certification for the leather industry as required by UNI for technical articles.